Spotify Pauses After 10 Seconds – How to Fix It

Spotify Pauses After 10 Seconds - How to Fix It

When your Spotify plays a song, it will play it for 10 seconds, and then pause. This is a very common problem, and there are a few simple fixes that you can try. These solutions include turning on Low power mode, clearing the cache and restarting your Spotify.

Low power mode

If you’ve noticed that your Spotify app pauses after a few seconds in low power mode, it could be because your battery is low. In this case, you should clear your temporary data. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your device. After rebooting, Spotify should resume playing properly.

If you’ve noticed that your Spotify keeps pausing after a few seconds, it could be because your device is in the Low Power Mode or the Data Saver mode. This mode prevents background applications from accessing the internet and drawing power. By switching off Low Power Mode and the Data Saver mode, you can get your Spotify to work again.

The next time you notice that your Spotify pauses after a few seconds in low power mode, check your battery saver mode settings. These settings may differ from brand to brand, but they are usually located in Settings>Battery. Make sure that the Data Saver mode slider is on the off position. Otherwise, you might be experiencing this issue because the connection to the streaming service isn’t reliable. Or, it could be because of corrupted data within the app.

Another cause for the problem could be the headphones. If you’re using wireless headphones, they may be interfering with the connection. If so, try removing them. The other possibility is that your battery is low. A dead battery can also cause your device to go into low power mode. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for this problem – you can turn off the Low Power Mode on your phone and start listening to your favorite music again.

You could also try restarting your device to reset the system. This will delete temporary data and make the Spotify app resume. Often, restarting your device will resolve this issue. If this doesn’t work, try powering off your phone. This will clear temporary memory and fix the issue.

Changing the battery settings of your device is another possible solution. You can do this by disabling Low Power mode in Control Center. If you continue to experience this issue, it is likely caused by a underlying software issue.

Multiple tabs open on your browser

If you are having trouble playing Spotify in your browser, the issue is likely due to multiple tabs. The best way to fix the problem is to clear your browser’s cache, which most browsers make easy to do. Once your cache has been cleared, you can try listening to Spotify again.

Fortunately, you can install Spotify on your desktop browser as well. All you have to do is click the monitor-shaped icon and follow the prompts. Once installed, you’ll notice a cleaner interface and a Spotify icon in your start menu. This will allow you to easily access your favorite music without having to open your web browser every time.

If you continue to experience this issue, you can try running Spotify in Incognito mode or with all extensions disabled. Then, if you are having trouble with one particular extension, try disabling it one by one until you find the one that’s causing the problem. Alternatively, try using a different browser, such as Brave or Firefox. Also, you can try adding the Spotify URL to your browser’s whitelist or trusted sites list.

Spotify web player is a progressive web application (PWA), which means it supports both desktop and mobile browsers. You can even install the Spotify app on your phone if you wish to listen to music on the go. This will require you to sign into your account and upgrade your browser.

Before you begin using Spotify, make sure you sign out of all other apps and devices. This is crucial because if you do not sign out of your account on one device, you may lose access to all of your favorite tracks or playlists. Lastly, make sure you sign into Spotify in a secure window. In Chrome, this can be done by opening an incognito window.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify

If you are experiencing Spotify pauses after 10 seconds on your iPhone or iPad, you can try rebooting your device. This will clear the system cache and allow Spotify to retrieve all of its data. You can also try downloading a song and listening to it offline. However, if your Internet connection is bad or you’re out of data, this solution might not work. If you have an old Wi-Fi connection, you may need to turn off your Wi-Fi. If that does not work, try resetting your router. If you have no other options, try using data.

Another solution to the problem is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Performing this step will fix the issue and give you the latest version of the app. This will also allow Spotify to implement the recent updates and fixes. Cleaning up the temporary memory is another way to solve the problem.

In some cases, Spotify may be causing the problem by corrupted files. In such cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will fix the issue and make Spotify work again. However, it’s important to note that uninstalling and reinstalling the app will remove any existing files from the Spotify app. It’s also important to check whether the Bluetooth settings are affecting your experience. If they are, make sure that your device has the latest version of the Play Store.

If none of these steps works, you can try restarting your phone. It is also helpful to change the VPN connection. You can also try switching off Low Power Mode in Control Center. This will save battery and improve the performance of your device. If all else fails, try rebooting your device and reinstalling Spotify.

If all of these steps have failed, you may want to consider contacting Spotify support. Alternatively, you can try signing up for a free account and try playing any song with the app.
Restarting Spotify can help install necessary updates

Restarting your device should resolve the issue of Spotify pausing after a few seconds. It will get rid of any temporary errors and allow the app to look for and configure any necessary updates. If the problem still persists, try reinstalling the app.

Restarting Spotify is a common method for fixing this problem. The service is usually available only through the Spotify app and Spotify web player. It is important to make sure that your device is running smoothly and is not having problems. It is possible that the application has encountered a hardware failure. This could be due to a failing drive or SD card. In such a case, cleaning and scanning your device may resolve the problem.

Another way to fix this problem is to disable background data. Background data slows down music playback and may even cause the app to crash. To disable background data on your device, navigate to the settings menu in the top-right corner of the screen. If you can’t find it, go to the network and internet settings. Then, go to the data usage section and select “Disable background data”.

Another option is to reinstall your device’s OS. However, this is a last resort and should only be considered after trying other options. If all else fails, you may have to consider getting your device repaired or buying a new one.

Another possible cause of Spotify pauses after 10 seconds is a poor internet connection. You may want to check your internet connection with a speed test tool. A poor connection can slow down Spotify or cause it to crash. You may also need to download a song offline, which can help.

If your Spotify app pauses after a few seconds, try restarting your device to update the app. Sometimes, it might not be compatible with your device’s operating system. Also, make sure you have a valid Spotify account, or the app will shut down.

Restarting your device can clear any firmware bugs and install necessary updates. If your device has a Wi-Fi connection, you can turn on automatic updates or manually check for updates.


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