Pokecord Market Commands

Pokecord Market Commands

If you’re looking for Pokemon, you can use the Pokecord market commands to find them. These commands allow you to narrow down your search. They can also be used to catch Pokemon, redirect, clear spawns, and use moves. These commands can help you to find what you’re looking for faster.

p!catch pokemon name>

Pokecord is a multiplayer game that combines Discord and Pokemon. It allows you to catch and trade Pokemon, as well as battle them. The default server adds a command called “p!catch” to every command, but some servers have modified this to change it to “p!catch pokemon name>”. Regardless of what server you’re using, there’s a command that will let you know exactly which Pokemon you own.

To catch a wild Pokemon, type p!catch pokemon name> in the pokecord market commands. If you’re able to recognize the Pokemon’s name from its picture, you can then input the corresponding command and catch it. Alternatively, you can input the command “p!hint” to get a hint that a particular Pokemon has spawned nearby.

Once you’ve captured a Pokemon, you can sell it to other players to earn money. To sell your Pokemon, you’ll need credits, and you can earn these by dueling other players and selling the Pokemon you catch. You can also sell your Pokemon for cash if you’re lucky enough to catch one, which gives you an additional way to make money.

There are many ways to catch Pokemon and trade them in the pokecord market. For example, you can use p!catch pokemon name> in pokecord market commands to display a list of Pokemon and the price they’re worth. You can also find out more about a Pokemon’s base details, including its Level, Number, IVs, and Nickname.

Once you’ve caught a pokemon, it will spawn in your Discord with the corresponding Pokecord bot. When you catch a pokemon on Pokecord, you’ll get 50 credits. In addition, you can trade and fight, and it will let you trade Pokemon and catch Shiny ones. You can also trade and fight with other players, but there’s no penalty for losing in a fight, so there’s no reason to not trade. This means you’ll be able to pick the Pokemon you want more quickly.


There are a number of commands that allow you to re-direct Pokemon to specific channels. These commands include p!invite to send an invitation to other people, p!donate and p!patreon, which both send links to the bot’s Patreon page or official server, and p!redirect to redirect to a certain channel. Besides these, you can also use the p!channel enable/disable command to enable or disable the p!commands in your account.

When you’re in the market for a new Pokemon, use the p!redirect pokecord market command to redirect it to the correct server. This will allow you to buy and sell Pokemon, as well as get information on the newest pokemon that’s on the server. It will also notify you when a Pokemon has reached a certain level, which will be convenient for you if you’re unsure what to do next.

If you want to get a list of all the Pokemon on the market, you can use the p!challange command to get detailed information. This command will list all the Pokemon available in the market, including their stats, names, and other information. This command is also useful when you need to find a Pokemon in the market quickly.

To enter the Pokecord market, you need to type p!shop to enter the shop menu. Alternatively, you can use p!trade to trade with other users on the server. Lastly, the p!daily command will give you credit if you vote for the Pokecord server on the Discord Bots website. This command is also useful if you’d like to disable the levelup message in a specific channel.

There are a few other important comandos in the Pokecord market that you can use to access the various features of the game. Make sure that you’re using the correct server to use this command.


The p!clearspawns command helps you clear all spawns from your Pokemon. You can also use this command to get a list of spawned Pokemon. In addition to this command, you can also use the p!racheter command to get Pokemon with the name you entered. You can also sell rachats with the p!echange command. Another popular command is the p!invite command, which gives you a link to a guide bot or a patron page. This command also gives you the information about the bot’s status.

Besides this command, there are other ones you can use to search the market. For instance, you can use the p! search of marche to find the page you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can use p! view of march to see what’s on that page. If you want to sell Pokemon, you can use the p! market supprimer command to clear a particular Pokemon from a list.

Another command for searching for Pokemon is the p!clearspawns command. This command allows you to quickly check the availability of Pokemon. It also enables or disables spawn detection and alerts. These are useful commands to help you manage your Pokemon in a more efficient way. The following list will help you use these commands to manage your Pokemon.

If you want to buy and sell Pokemon in a Pokemon market, you can use p!duel to challenge the other player. By defeating the other player, you will receive credits and XP. To see the current moves and other information about your Pokemon, you can also use p!learn and p!moves to know what type of moves your Pokemon has. With these commands, you can sell your Pokemon in the market and earn cash for doing it.

p!use move number>

The pokecord market is a way to trade items in the game. To trade items, you must know the move number of your Pokemon. Using this command, you can quickly find the Pokemon you are looking for. If you are confused, you can also type p!use move number> to see which Pokemon have the same move.

There are many commands for the pokedex. These commands help you choose your favorite Pokemon and view their stats. You can also view all the challenges that are currently available in the pokedex. You can also view the moves of your Pokemon, so that you can learn new ones.

Once you have a Pokemon, you can trade it for other items or for money. You can also sell it to your competitors for more coins. Besides trading, you can also duel other players and sell your captured Pokemon to earn money. There are several different commands that you can use to trade Pokemon in the pokedex.

Another command for trading is p!use move number. This command will display the name of a Pokemon in a message, and the other player can see the name of the pokemon in their messages. The next time you see a pokemon in a message, you should try guessing its name. If you don’t know, pokecord can help you get the information you need.

Besides that, there are other useful commands that you can use to make trades easier and quicker. For example, you can trade with another player with the help of p!use move number> pokecord market commands. These commands can also help you find rare stones and XP boosters.

p!p command

If you want to catch Pokemon quickly, you should know how to use the p!p command in the Pokecord market. This command will give you a list of Pokemon you can gather, and will also give you its name. Once you have the list, you can then exchange it for other Pokemon.

There are several different ways to use the p!p command in the market. The first method is to replace the “p!” command with a “p”. The p!p command enables spawning in every channel. It also enables alerts for leveling up. You can also disable the spawn message once you have captured a Pokemon.

Once you’ve gotten used to using the p!p command, you can start trading with other players. If you don’t want to compete in dueling, you can just challenge other players on discord. You can even sell your captured Pokemon if you want to earn cash! This method will enable you to get more Pokemon at a lower price. However, it won’t make you rich overnight. So, before you start trading, you should learn how to earn pokecord credits.

Another method is to disable redirections to a specific server. When this is done, it will delete the moves in public channels. This is a good method if you don’t want to interrupt people in your channel. Another method is to disable the level up messages, but it doesn’t remove the images of caught pokemon. This method isn’t good for new players as it can confuse them.

Besides p!p, there are a few other useful commands you can use in the Pokecord market. Using them properly can help you in a variety of ways. Once you’ve learned how to use them, you can start trading with other users.


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