Memes About Spotify Playlists on Tumblr

Memes About Spotify Playlists on Tumblr

Memes centered around Spotify playlists have become a common feature on Tumblr. The concept is to take screenshots of your Spotify playlist and arrange the song titles in an amusing way. Originally, the meme was created for the music site, but has since spread to other websites, as well as fandoms. While it was created for entertainment, it was also a great way to share jokes and share fandom culture with other fans.

Meme of being in love with a famous person you know you won’t get a chance to be with

There are some people that can’t help falling in love with a famous person, especially if it’s someone you think you’ll never get the chance to be with. These people may be famous, but they aren’t exactly the same as you. They can have the looks and charisma of the most famous people in the world, but they still manage to be downright charming and likable. This is especially true if the famous person has a good sense of humor. You may be wondering what it takes to win the heart of a famous person.
Meme of bisexual anthems

Memes are popular on the Internet. One popular one involves manipulating songs so that they sound like they are coming from an unusual place. The meme originated with a Tumblr user named largecat. His post featured the song “all i want for Christmas is you” and quickly amassed more than 100,000 notes.


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