How to Make a Trifold Brochure on Google Docs

How to Make a Trifold Brochure on Google Docs

When you need to make a trifold brochure, a great tool to use is Google Docs. You can add images to the document and customize the colors and fonts to make your final product look professional. If you do not have any images, you can use free photo-editing programs like Canva. These programs have hundreds of stock photos that you can select and crop.

Envato Elements

The first step to creating your trifold brochure is to create a template. There are two templates available: Modern Writer and Geometric. Both templates come with placeholder text, which you can replace if necessary. Modern Writer has a travel-themed layout, while Geometric is a product-oriented design.

The template is editable and fully customizable. The included help file helps you with the customization process. It also includes photos that are used only for preview purposes. You can choose the fonts you want to use and customize the design of the trifold brochure.

Once you’ve made the template, you can use it for various purposes. Its print-ready and fully editable file allows you to make any necessary changes. You can also use it to showcase your business in an eye-catching way.

Next, you should make a title for your trifold brochure. This should be in the Untitled Document textbox on your Docs window. You can also use the Landscaping feature to make the brochure’s orientation landscape. This will make it easy for you to fold the brochure.

The cover panel of your trifold brochure should be as colorful and eye-catching as the front panel. This will catch the reader’s attention wherever it is placed. Once you’ve done this, you can use the text style menus to stylize your text. Choose a font face, weight, and color for the text.

Another option is to use a free trifold brochure template. There are several types of templates available from Envato Elements, and many are completely customizable. Just make sure to make sure you use a template that’s free of third-party images.

For corporate purposes, you may want to use a corporate trifold brochure template. The corporate template is compatible with InDesign and Photoshop and is available in A4 letter size. The templates also come with smart objects, a front and back design, and a pre-made color scheme.

When designing your trifold brochure, be sure to include the standard information such as the company name, two types of contact information, and logo. It’s also a good idea to include your tagline and logo on the front page of the brochure.

There are plenty of brochure templates available online. You can choose the one that best matches your company. These templates are easy to customize and come with a minimalist look. You can also customize these brochures to your liking. In addition, you’ll find many of these templates for free!

Trifold brochures are an effective way to share information. They are used everywhere, from restaurants to tourism offices to bus stops. A trifold brochure is an excellent way to convey your message and increase your revenue. It’s also great for sharing information with potential customers.

Graphic River

Whether you want a traditional trifold brochure with two pages or a more modern trifold, Google Docs has the tools to help you create it. You can create table layouts, insert content, save your trifold brochure, and even print it from a duplex printer. Start by creating a blank document, then go to the File menu and click Page Setup. Then choose the size and orientation of the pages.

In the upper-left corner of your Docs window, click on the “Untitled Document” textbox. Enter a title for your brochure, if needed. Next, click on “Landscape” to change the brochure’s orientation to landscape. Now, you can add text and images.

You can upload images and text to make your brochure look professional. You can also change the transparency of the images. Once you’re satisfied with the way your Brochure looks, you can download it in different formats or publish it on the web. You can also print out a copy for distribution.

Once you’ve selected a template, customize it according to your needs. You can change the fonts and images and even the margin. You can also choose whether to use portrait or landscape mode. Once you’re satisfied with your brochure, you can download it directly or print it using the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut.

Google Docs does not have a built-in template for a trifold brochure, but you can create your own by following some simple steps. Creating a trifold brochure is easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort. The good thing about Google Docs is that it can be accessed on almost any device. To get started, go to the Drive tab and click on the Grid icon.

You can also use templates to make your brochure. These templates are customizable, which makes them a very useful tool to have for your work. Whether you need a one-page brochure or a multi-page brochure, Google Docs has something for you. The templates are designed to help you format your work in a new way.

Once you’ve set up your basic template, you can add text, images, and more. Once you’ve done that, you can start customizing it to your preference. Try different types of fonts and styles until you’ve found the perfect one. If you’re making a brochure for marketing purposes, try to make it engaging and fun. Try to incorporate pop culture references and trendy catchphrases.

You can adjust the paragraph spacing as needed to make it look symmetrical and allow for more space for text and images. You can enter the number of lines in each paragraph and set the space between each line. This will make your brochure easier to read. You can also insert lists and other elements into your brochure.

Google Slides offers a number of features to help you create a beautiful brochure. For example, you can include charts, timelines, pricing boxes, and more to create an eye-catching design. In addition, you can find free brochure templates in places like TeacherCast.

Besides word documents, you can also create brochures using Google Docs. These documents are designed to be media-friendly and can be printed on either side. While they don’t have the flexibility of professional-looking trifold brochures, they can be great for creating an initial draft.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated design, you should use a premium brochure template. These templates are ideal for small businesses. They feature great typography, subtle imagery, and brand colors. Many of them are available for free, so you can choose one that matches your style and your brand.


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