How to Get TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is a program for passengers traveling through the United States. Applicants must submit certain biographic information and fingerprints in order to be eligible for the program. They must also present documents proving their citizenship and immigration, including an original birth certificate and valid passport. The application process takes about 45 days.

Known traveler number

You must have a Known traveler number (KTN) to access the TSA Precheck lines. You should enroll in the TSA Precheck program before your trip. It is possible to get your KTN by signing up for the program on the Transportation Security Administration’s official website. After enrolling in the program, you will need to renew your membership before your flight. If you don’t renew your membership by the deadline, you won’t be able to access the TSA Precheck lines.

The Known Traveler Number is the membership number for a Trusted Traveler Program that allows you to pass security screening without a lengthy line. These programs include TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. The application fee for both programs is usually reimbursed by a premium credit card.

The TSA has over 500 enrollment centers around the country. These centers will provide you with a 10-minute appointment to sign up for TSA PreCheck. The process also requires you to submit a fingerprint for a background check. You will receive a boarding pass containing your TSA PreCheck Known Traveler Number.

If you have a KTN, you must include it on your next reservation with a participating airline. You can do this online by accessing the airline’s website or by calling the company that manages the program. You can also save your KTN to online travel websites or frequent flyer profiles.

If you travel frequently, TSA PreCheck can help you speed up the screening process at domestic airports. It also helps you get through customs faster after returning to the United States. TSA also recommends enrolling in the DHS’s Trusted Traveler program.

Application fee

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are two programs that allow you to pass through security faster. These programs both require you to get fingerprinted and pay an application fee. In order to get TSA PreCheck, you must pay a fee of $400 for the first year, and a separate fee of $75 for each additional year. If you want to use your points to pay for TSA PreCheck, you can use the Venture card, the Venture X card, or your Spark Miles card.

Once you have your trusted traveler number, you can begin the application process online. You can also visit an enrollment center, usually at an airport, to schedule your interview. This interview will take about 10 minutes, and will include fingerprinting and a background check. Once you pass these screenings, you will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN). TSA PreCheck is also available through other programs, such as Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and SENTRI.

TSA PreCheck does require an application fee, but it is well worth it if you travel frequently. The fee is only $85 for five years, and it is reimbursed by many credit cards. Seniors can use the program to keep their shoes and light jackets on as they go through security.

TSA PreCheck is available at select airports nationwide. The TSA mobile enrollment trucks will remain in select airports until November 2022. The fee for TSA PreCheck membership is waived for frequent flyer program members. The application fee can be paid with a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Platinum Card from American Express.

Global Entry is similar to TSA PreCheck but differs in many ways. With Global Entry, you can skip long lines at the border and customs when returning from abroad. Global Entry also requires a photo and fingerprints. The Global Entry kiosk will help you expedite immigration when you return from abroad.

Application fees for TSA Precheck and Global Entry are refundable. Many credit card companies reimburse you for the application fees once every five years. Some even waive the application fee for the first year! But check the terms and conditions before you pay.


The duration of TSA PreCheck can vary. The application process takes approximately 14 minutes, but the approval process can take a couple of days or even weeks. In complex situations, the wait may be even longer. Passengers with revoked TSA PreCheck status may also face additional steps before their renewal is approved.

TSA PreCheck is a Trusted Traveler Program that allows members to quickly and easily pass through security screening at airports. This program allows members to keep their shoes on, keep their laptops in their bags, and more. However, the program is not free. The cost and duration are dependent on the traveler’s needs.

TSA PreCheck memberships last for five years. It is recommended that you renew your membership six months before it expires. However, it may take some time to process the renewal application, so it is best to renew well in advance. Luckily, many travel credit cards offer a reimbursement for this fee.

TSA PreCheck is available on 200 airports and 79 airlines. Applicants can enroll online or in person at one of more than 380 enrollment centers. Applicants will be fingerprinted and asked to provide documentation of identity and citizenship. Foreign nationals may also have to satisfy residency requirements. The whole application process may take as long as three weeks.

After completing the application process, qualifying travelers will go through security screening in a faster way than the rest of passengers. This is because they will often be given special lines at the security checkpoint. Additionally, they will not be asked to remove their shoes and light jackets, and they can leave their laptop or 3-1-1 compliant bag in their carry-on luggage.


TSA PreCheck is a program that allows you to pass the security checkpoints on flights with minimal wait times. In order to qualify, you must fill out an application, get fingerprinted, and provide identifying documents. The program costs $85 for five years. The fee covers background testing, identification verification, administrative costs, and fingerprinting. You can pay with most major credit cards. You can also get TSA PreCheck through third-party companies, but be aware that these services will charge a markup on top of the base price.

Some travel credit cards will offer you a statement credit for the TSA PreCheck application fee. This is especially helpful if you fly a lot. Some cards also include other costs-saving benefits like airport lounge access. Check with your credit card company to see if your card covers TSA PreCheck.

TSA Precheck is not free, but it is well worth the cost. It can help you get through security lines quickly, especially if you have a lot of liquids or shoes. You can save up to five minutes with this program, but the cost of TSA Precheck can add up quickly. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, it may be worth the small investment.

TSA PreCheck is available at more than 200 U.S. airports and on almost 70 airlines. Before you purchase your TSA PreCheck membership, check which airports and airlines participate in the program. You will need to pay $85 for the five-year membership, but some credit cards and loyalty programs will cover the fee.

Enrollment for TSA PreCheck is easy and quick. The process begins with a short online questionnaire. It takes between five and ten minutes to complete. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to schedule an in-person appointment. TSA PreCheck appointments are usually scheduled for three to five days, but some applicants have reported waiting as long as 90 days. The cost of TSA PreCheck is $85 per year (for one person) and the benefits last five years.

There are loyalty programs that allow you to redeem your points for TSA PreCheck, but the value of these points isn’t great. For instance, if you frequent fly United, you can use one thousand miles to pay for TSA PreCheck. But since MileagePlus miles have a base value of just 1.2 cents, the miles are worth only $132.


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