Choosing a Cyber Security Company

Choosing a Cyber Security Company

If you’re interested in choosing a cyber security company, you have many options. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. You should make sure the company carries insurance, and you should find out what other companies trust them. It’s also beneficial to select a cyber security company that has a wide range of clients.


CTM360® is a global Digital Risk Protection Platform that identifies threats and vulnerabilities in the Surface and Deep web. This cloud-based platform operates outside the organization’s perimeter and is a managed service that protects organizations against cyber threats. It can help protect against data breaches and other types of cyber threats.

The CTM360 Cyber Security Company was founded with the goal of addressing the growing need for centralized cyber risk protection. CTM360 combines technologies to address the unique challenges of today’s modern enterprises. Its products include: cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital risk management. These technologies work together to protect a company’s information assets, reputation, and brand.

The company’s CEO, Mirza Khalid, has extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry. He founded three successful cybersecurity companies in the Middle East: CTM360 in Bahrain, PENTEST360 in Saudi Arabia, and DMARC360 in the United States. In addition, he also founded EDX Labs, a technology R&D hub. The company also has products like DMARC360, an email security intelligence platform, and PENTEST360, a cloud-based penetration testing platform.


Indusface is a world-class application security leader, protecting more than one thousand companies around the world. Its Total Application Security solution helps customers secure their web, mobile, and API applications. The company has won several awards, including Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Asia and the Economic Times Top 25. Its security products have also been cited in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants.

Indusface is a Great Place to Work certified company, and has been named a Great Midsize Workplace by Great Place To Work. It is also the only vendor named a Peer Insights Customer’s Choice across all segments. It has also been recognized with multiple start-up awards.

Indusface is changing the application security industry by taking a risk-based approach to API protection. APIs are the lifeblood of the digital economy. As a result, many companies are adopting an API-first approach to build applications. However, this growth has created new risk vectors. According to Gartner, one of the most common attack vectors is APIs.


The AppTrana WAF acts as a secure reverse proxy and filters incoming web traffic. It blocks DDoS attacks and alerts a 24×7 managed security team, passing only legitimate requests. It follows security rules based on the HTTP footprint, reputation, and client behavior.

Its WAF is supported by a team of world-class cybersecurity experts. It also offers a free 14-day trial. Its advanced security tools include DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, unlimited ASS scanning, free SSL Certificate, and comprehensive bot mitigation. Advanced monitoring and manual pen testing are available with premium plans. There is also an enterprise plan for more comprehensive protection.

The AppTrana SaaS solution is a managed service that helps businesses monitor and secure their applications from hack attempts. This solution also has a vulnerability detection feature that helps organizations run automated security scans to ensure safety against known and unknown vulnerabilities. AppTrana’s solutions are affordable and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

AppTrana’s DDOS protection software detects and blocks Layer 7 DDOS attacks. It analyzes the behavior of web applications and provides custom rules to block persistent attacks. The software also monitors website traffic and alerts security experts when a security breach occurs.

AppTrana also offers detailed vulnerability reports. These reports explain all aspects of the vulnerability and mitigation steps required. Users can also check the protection & monitoring page for analytics. This page shows the types of attacks blocked and what is being blocked. Users can blacklist IP addresses, IPs, countries, and URIs that might be responsible for attacks.


HackerOne is a cyber security company that works with hackers to find and eliminate security vulnerabilities. Its three core offerings include vulnerability discovery, vulnerability management, and bug bounty programs. Each service is fully customizable to meet customer needs. HackerOne also offers a community where hackers can share tips, experience, and expertise. It hosts live hacking events, online chat rooms, and engaging programs for members.

While HackerOne is known for being one of the largest cyber security companies in the world, a recent employee was terminated for allegedly engaging in malicious insider activity. The employee had allegedly stolen vulnerabilities from other researchers and submitted them to clients for financial gain. This behavior was discovered when a client began receiving angry, abusive messages from the employee. As a result, HackerOne stepped in and conducted an investigation.

After the incident was disclosed, HackerOne’s researchers analyzed the incident and subsequently identified areas where it could have been prevented. They also expanded the number of employees assigned to monitor insider threats. Moreover, they have tightened up their employee screening policies and improved their controls to isolate data. In addition, HackerOne plans to increase its market reach and invest in technology development.

While HackerOne is early in the process of accreditation, it will undoubtedly face additional scrutiny. The company is focused on protecting customers and building trust. However, if insiders have gained access to their customers’ data, the impact can be devastating to the reputation of the company.

Lehigh Valley Technology

Lehigh Valley Technology, an IT management and cybersecurity company, has announced its merger with TechCure and CyberCure. Together, these companies will create a regional leader in network security and information management. The combined company will operate under the MCIT brand. Chris Morganelli, CEO of TechCure, will continue in that role and Tyler Berger will serve as Chief Information Officer of the combined company. Additionally, Alai Caetano, CTO of TechCure, will remain in his role as Chief Technology Officer.

Cybersecurity is essential for any company and its employees. Lehigh Valley Technology’s solutions can help keep your employees and business safe. These solutions can run in the background to provide protection without sacrificing productivity. These solutions can be customized to meet your company’s needs. By securing your business’ information systems, you’ll be able to become more productive, profitable and competitive.

Check Point

Check Point is a leading provider of cyber security solutions. Its headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel and its offices are spread throughout the world. These offices are located in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Check Point also has offices in Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Check Point has been a pioneer in the IT security industry for over 22 years. Since the launch of its first stateful inspection firewall, it has continuously built a world-leading position. The company’s solutions protect corporate enterprises, governments, and mobile users from cyber attacks. Today, over 100,000 organizations of all sizes rely on Check Point products to protect their networks.

Today, Check Point has evolved its cybersecurity solutions beyond the traditional firewall and offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions that protect against all forms of cyber threats. These solutions protect enterprise networks, cloud environments, and mobile devices. With their integrated next generation firewall platform, they have helped to minimize complexity and reduce the total cost of ownership of their products.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. In fact, a recent report by Check Point found that 42% of businesses globally have experienced cyber attacks in 2018. Ransomware is the most common cybercrime threat for businesses, and security teams are struggling to identify and shut down a breach before it causes major damage.


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